COVID-19 Changes Operations of Amusement Parks in North America

By: John Brooks

With the warmer weather arriving as we proceed into the latter half of Spring, many begin to think about heading outside and having some fun with friends and family. One of those places where many have fun is the regional amusement park. Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 situation amusement parks are currently off-limits as physical distancing is difficult to control due to the nature of the rides and attractions, as well as their related physical queue lines. But there may be a solution to this problem once amusement parks are given the go-ahead by local governments to reopen.

              North America’s largest theme park operator, Six Flags is taking steps to ensure the safety of their guests and employees once the gates of their properties do reopen. One of the steps they will be taking is limiting the number of guests in their parks by requiring guests to reserve a visit for a specific date on their local Six Flags park’s website. This newly created procedure to fight against the rise of COVID-19 not only applies to daily admission-paying visitors, but also applies to season pass holders and membership holders. Another step Six Flags will take to ensure the safety of their guests and employees is maintaining physical distancing measures at the parks. Operating the parks at half capacity will ultimately keep park guests and employees safe while having a fun day of thrills and excitement. Six Flags CEO Michael Spanos stated that parks in Georgia, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Mexico could be among the first to reopen sometime this summer if the Coronavirus situation improves.

The way guests visit amusement parks this summer will be different than unsual due to the COVID-19 situation. Pictured is the El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure. 2018, John Brooks


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